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TRS VE Venom Extractor Kit
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TRS VE-5444 Venom Extractor Kit

Emergency suction device for most venomous insect and animal bites. Incision-free application and continuous suction guarantee safe and effective results.

  • Compact and Portable
  • Easy One Hand Operation
  • Strong Suction With One-way Pump
  • Continuous suction for effective results
  • No incision required for use
  • Comes with two [2] each alcohol and iodine wipes.

Strong, One Way Suction Mechanism

Features a one-way valve at insertion end of suction cap that enables repeated pumping action without loss of suction enabling continuous extraction of venom to get more positive results.

One-hand Use/Application

TRS VE-5444 Venom Extractor Kit features a wide end plastic handle that fits in your palm with the index finger hooked onto the 'T' enabling the device to be used with one hand.

Don't Leave Home Without It

Whether you're going on an outdoor adventure or just reside in a location that's highly populated with venomous insects and animals. It's important to keep TRS VE-5444 Venom Extractor Kit handy.

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